Our Mission

Imagine being at sea for many weeks without sight of land, at the mercy of the elements and the increasing risk of pirate attack, and having no contact with your loved ones. And when you reach port, thousands of miles away from home, you have no guaranteed ticket home.

That’s what a seafarer can go through on a merchant vessel to bring you the fuel for your car, almost everything you can see around you in your home, and the food that you eat.

We offer welfare services, advice, practical help, care and friendship, communication, transport, recreation, and financial aid when necessary.

So next time you switch on the TV, give your child a teddy bear to play with, or just make a simple cup of tea, remember who brought it to you.

We rely wholly on voluntary contributions. We are only able to continue our work through the generous donations of our supporters and volunteers.

The Centre is inter-denominational combining the Apostleship of the Sea (Liverpool) and The Mersey Mission to Seafarers. At the centre, or aboard ship, our Chaplains are always ready to provide advice and assistance – irrespective of a person’s beliefs or nationality.

We first opened our doors in 1856 and the aims of the Centre today remain very much true to its origins.

To promote the spiritual, moral and physical welfare of persons who are, or have been, seafarers and their families.